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All other websites using the similar name but with different domain names are to be considered as fake and unsafe.

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Get a real Debit Cards in just minutes and use it to pay online worldwide without boundaries.

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Now you can Top-Up your balance with over 85+ cryptocurrencies. You will use this balance to buy debit cards and reload your cards.

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With your available balance, you can buy Debit Mastercard Cards with one click. You can also use this balance to reload any reloadable card your purchased. All cards are instantly issued.

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There are no limits in how many debit cards you purchase. You can therefor buy as many debit cards as you want.

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We will never ask for any personal information, we also don't share any information with any government or entities.

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You can manage all your cards and transactions via your own account.
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With your SATOS Debit Mastercard, you can pay online worldwide where Mastercard is accepted.

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